Bluebery Planterose

Researcher in Economics

“Hi, I’m doing a Ph.D. at the Paris School of Economics / École Normale Supérieure. I’m also a researcher at the EU Tax Observatory and a research fellow at the Social Economics Lab at Harvard.

I´ve worked on offshore real-estate in tax havens, as well as the acceptability of climate policies. More generally, I am interested in public finance and macroeconomics.

This year I’m teaching at Sciences Po.”

NEW!! Paper on Fighting Climate Change has been updated!

Selected Projects
Policies to address climate change have been historically difficult to implement. The OECD and The Social Economics Lab at Harvard teamed up to understand why, and surveyed over 40 000 respondents across 20 of the world’s most carbon-emitting countries. Interactive Tool: Explore the data on this Website
This paper presents a new way to tax excess profits. We propose to tax the rise in the stock market capitalization of companies that benefit from extraordinary circumstances, such as energy firms following the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.
This paper analyzes a unique micro-dataset capturing the ownership of about 800,000 properties in Dubai. We use this dataset to document patterns in cross-border real estate investments, a blind spot in the analysis of financial globalization.Interactive Tool: Explore the data with this Map

Fields of Interest

Primary Fields: Public Finance, Macroeconomics

Mailing Address
48 Boulevard Jourdan
Paris School of Economics
4e étage, bureau 71
75014 Paris